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Artist’s Bio

River Wood is an artist, poet, and mother who is interested in exploring the infinitesimal subtleties and expanses of life, experience, and existence.

Her visual art is one of the primary ways she does this. By holding tenderly each object of her exploration, a world of texture, shape, and color comes to life, a world rich in feelings and emotions.

Another window into divinity and its infinitesimals is River’s spoken poetry. River is a student of the word. She explores the tastes of each letter and syllable on her tongue, she molds from thin air colorfully textured tones and emotions, pouring pictures into the hearts of each listener.

Sound Baths

Come awaken yourself to the healing power of sound with this fully immersive 1 hr Poetry Sound Bath. River has taken the traditional ancient ritual of sound healing and integrated it with her personal healing practice of poetry. Through this meditative experience, you will be bathed in therapeutic sound waves— opening the senses to deep relaxation, healing, and pleasure.

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