Visual Art

River Wood Speaks

Mind States

In this series, the Artist explore the vibrational and color qualities of different mind-states and emotions. These pieces beg the questions “What are we emitting as we experience states such as rapture, surrender, depression, etc.?” and “How are we perceived when we experience these states?” The artist purposely leaves the faces off of these compositions in order to draw the viewer into their own experience in these states.


This memory series invites the viewer to experience memory the way the artist does and begs the questions: How do you experience memories? Do they have an overall tone or flavor? Are they sharp? Do they have a color? How much detail exists?

Lost & Found

Sometimes to help me find my voice I sort through the words of another. In this case, I found an old medical book about women, which is sexist and demeaning, and so I defiled the author’s message with some messages of my own.


An exploration of my own reflection through a series of selfies.


This Windows series explores the artist’s ability to open the windows of her mind. With no preconceived plan or sketch, she approaches the paint and paper with only her current mind-state to guide her. The results are intriguing–creating a commentary on both the transience of mind-states and the limitations and constraints that motherhood puts on art-making.


Who knows how to learn? Kids. They do it so well. What’s their trick? Play, play, play. Here is me playing.

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